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Hey all! Snake here C: I've been given an admin spot here so I thought I'd try to get a little more activity going in this group.

I was thinking of advertising commissions here, so people have a place to see who's offering commissions all in one spot. So, if you have commissions open, let me know and link me your commission information and I'll put it up in this journal!

If anyone has any suggestions or anything they want to see the group do, drop a comment here as well!

Commissions List

20$ Quickie sketches by Xandra-D Digital Painting Commissions 2017 by Xandra-D

COMMISSIONS BATCH 4- 4 SLOTS OPENCheap Commissions Open, If you have any questions please just ask.
Remember I can also do other things, besides anime characters, just people never ask me for it.
All this will go to help me with maintain myself.
Cheap Options!

Only for $5!

Up to 5 characters per commission! 
Only for $10!
You get two characters for the discount price of $15! Three characters for $20, four characters for $25, and 5 characters for $30! Separate characters will be taken as Separate commissions. 
simple background, no shading.
Spade Cycle by GL-Comics
Only for $10

Commissions -OPEN by InkieRose

Point Commissions, Requests and Art Tradeshey folks, friends, watchers and other people who happen to drop by my journal
for those of you who do not know, I'm open (always open) to receive requests from others
I do written point commissions:
I can write several styles, Bleach, Toriko, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Pokémon, Sword Art Online and more, as well as original stories
Commission prizes:
(I only do point commissions, I don't have paypal)
50 points - 500 words
100 points - 1000 words
150 points - 1500 words
200 points - 2000 words
250 points - 2500 words
and so on and so on, etc, etc,...
Drawing Requests (these are free)
 Request: Bleachfan3423. Bleach OC by ChikaraRyoku Request: NSFWworks. Female Self by ChikaraRyoku 

About commissions - prices and rules.RIGHT NOW, COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED.

Hi there, everyone.
Before commissioning me, please read this journal. And if You have a question about it, please leave a comment. When You decide on commission, send me a note if I can take it and then You can send me an Ordering Form with details. You can find it under all types of commissions.
Important notes, please read:
Important note: I'd preferably take money commissions.
Important note 2: if You're commissioning me, please check Your notes from time to time. I always send a sketch and a line art for accepting, without it I won't finish Your commission.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Point commissions/ Money commissions:bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletblue:I DO:
- Fanarts
- OCs
- Pervy/ecchi
- Yaoi/ yuri (as long as it's not R-18+)
:bulletblue:I DON'T DO:
- Animals
- Mecha
- Furry/anthro (including ponies)
- Porn/ hentai
- Realism

Its pretty much as the title says.
I really don't want to give up the group so I'm taking a new direction, being only a Bleach-centric group honestly is getting boring so I want to explore more art, artists, and just new concept so in around two weeks top this group will be changed and and reformed. New content will be available, and any series/franchise OC content will be allowed as long as its popular with the watchers. sorry people but this group isn't receiving any love so I'm trying to change that. Hope none of you are mad.
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Gallery Folders

Finishing the story -Hidden Items- by Amadalia
A Vampire Tale - Cat - Epilogue by Amadalia
-A new light- by TheBlazeKagayaku
Bleach OC Profile: Exe by TheBlazeKagayaku
Fan Art
Request: Derkman. Bleach/Zootopia by ChikaraRyoku
Bleach Chibi Rukia by Midnight-WolfAngelX
Creepypasta Oc-  Abandoned Stalker by Midnight-WolfAngelX
Bleach: Soul King's Legs by ChikaraRyoku

Mature Content

Mature Content

Contest Entries
Magni Kenpachison: Fullbring by VikingDan300
Necro-01 by Next-Nine13
bleach oc (Takumi Yukimara) by gorgonater12
Royal Baby Contest Entree: Oritsu FujiKujira by ChikaraRyoku
Fan Manga
BLEACH Standing Nation - Page 18 by LordSecond
I'm On Fire (comic) by Xandra-D
Commission Example - Commission for RankTrack45 by Tommo2304
The Vow To The Ruler by davidtheotaku
Taffee Loves Her Apples (Card) by traxlord
Eliot Rios- Wardrobe by snakes-on-a-plane
Millennium: Iki-Rei Style. Sketch by ChikaraRyoku
Aurora Sasori: Shikai. Toge no Niwa by ChikaraRyoku
OC Races
Mod Hollow: Tifon by ChikaraRyoku
Random Strange Gillian by ChikaraRyoku
Millennium: New Style by ChikaraRyoku
Sepulcro: Blood Wolf by ChikaraRyoku
OC Pairings
BLEACH:Police!Ruko x Firefighter!Hitsugaya by meishiro
At the Beach: Aimi x Shuu by scorch62msc
A Moment By The Campfire by Crimson-Agony
Take a Break by snakes-on-a-plane
Adachi Ame Flujo

Mature Content

Bleach OC VC Spirit: Nagareru by AdachiAmeFlujo-vamp
Jazz evening by NyRiam
The Hair Dilemma by AdachiAmeFlujo-vamp
Akiko Minonaki
Sexy and I know It by Lifes-Lovely-Roses
Captains Training by Lifes-Lovely-Roses
Dragon's Rage by Lifes-Lovely-Roses
Best (Drunk) Friend by Lifes-Lovely-Roses
Akeelah Belmontte

Mature Content

In the Moonlight by IchiNi2546
Amadalia Moonsong
The Throne of Skulls (Waiting on Blaze) by Amadalia
Andrew Vargais
CM: Andrew by Xandra-D
Aoi Gamma
PC: Gamma v Grimm by wabi777
Aoi Hana
Bleach OC Sheet - AOI HANA by Chiisai-Hana
Arashi Konpaku
Chibi Arashi: Thunderball by Onyx-vX
Arturo Rimikkusu
Arturo Rimikkusu and Kurayami Kaen by Bulldozer1231
Asuka Kuchiki
Kuchiki Clan by Ask-AsukaKuchiki
Ayumu Kuchiki
.: Bleach OC - The Awakening :. by Tsukineesan
Blaze Kagayaku
Blaze Kagayaku ANIMATED w.I.P by wabi777
Butoukai Bob
Butoukai Family Line by LanokirX
Chihiro Kururugi
Happy Valentine's Day 2014- Special Feeling Meme by K-chanLovesAnimeXD
Drazon Fukkashi
Captain Commander Fukkashi by NerdicWriter
Fang Fon
Challenge-Hado by Ankoku-Sensei
Hyou Jaegerjaques
Hyou Jeagerjaques: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Inazuma Kumo
Inazuma Kumo: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Jo Mori
Blackspot by snakes-on-a-plane
Kabutzu Alvarez
Katrina Lau
Happy Birthday, Katrina by Tygerlander
Katsa Norikosu
Eye of the Storm by Xandra-D
Kenichi Seten
Bleach OC: Kenichi New Bankai by Tyron91
Kiku Hirako
Kiku Sketchu c: by DeathCabForCutie09
Kiosho Shihoin
Kiosho -Hojo!- by Kiosho-Shihoin
Kirei Jeagerjaques
Battle High Kirei Andrew Jo by Amadalia
Kiyoko Kuchiki
Chibi Bleach OC - Kiyoko by Jeanette-Black
Kohaku Aizen
Commission: Kohaku by LieNai
Koichi Kuchiki
PC Kuchiki Byakuya, Koichi by Shinda-Yume
Kojima Brothers
Chibi Bleach OC - Daisuke by Jeanette-Black
Kumo Tetsu
Kumo Tetsu - Calling the Dead by oggo171
Lillitu de Sepharial
Chibi Bleach OC - Lillitu by Jeanette-Black
Marise Asahina
Marise Asahina: Quincy. Q - the Quantity by ChikaraRyoku
Matsunami Shinoda
Matsunami Shinoda by LarizSantos
Manae Yamazaki
Mariya by MaddieJK
Masako Ukitake
You are the Wind Beneath My Wings by KirasDarkLight
Mathew Cimitara Suraisa
Mathew Cimitara Suraisa: Fullbring. Stage 1 by ChikaraRyoku
Miki Fuyuno
death has never looked so cute by Pastel--ink
Miki Sakamoto
Sakamoto, Miki Profile Redux by SilenceIzumi
Miyabi Hagawa
Miyabi Sakata: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Miwa Ikeda
Miwa Ikeda: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Mushoku Hintara
Bankai Mushoku by Infernalfeather
Nali Harribel
Chaos Nali by Monicakohai
Naoki Otomo
The Captain returns (screenshot vers.) by Sad-Reaper
Nia Yanazaki
Nyx Nowa
Nyx Nowa: Quince Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Oshiro Sora
Oshiro Sora by LarizSantos
Raina Aertimis
Raina Artemis - Request by XxEvilSinxX
Rei Sasaki
The Butt by XBrokenRiversX
Reina de los Cielos
Resu Hitsugaya
.:Commission 2 : Resu Hitsugaya:. by insert-name-here13
Rex Micheals
Rex Michaels by wabi777
Ruko Minawa
.:COLLAB:. Geisha!Ruko + Tora by meishiro
Sakuraba Jusace
Jusace Sakuraba: Quincy. L - the Liquid by ChikaraRyoku
Sauria Tsalagi: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Savanna Okira
Okira Badge by savannauni
Sayuri Ukitake
Sayuri Ukitake: Quincy. J - the Jewel by ChikaraRyoku
Seisui Naito
Seisui lite doodle by wabi777
Shakti Malakar
: Dilli Walli Girlfriend by c-hemistry
Shiro Morimoto
Shiro Morimoto: Quincy. R - the Rampage by ChikaraRyoku
Shizuka Hayashi
Sora Shintaro
Sora Shintaro: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Torako Kamikuzu
Bad joke - English by Kaizoku-no-Yume
Tsubasa Kuchiki
Tsubasa Kuchiki: Quincy Vollstandig by ChikaraRyoku
Twins Envy n Shiori
Quick Sketch by Envy4hearts
Vincent Canicus
Vincent-bankai-Preview by GL-Comics
Xenethis Chimera
From the Abyss: Page 4 by Xenethis-Chimera
Yumi Lee
Yumi Lee (Request) by Sabiichan
Yanii Kusajishi
Legacy by YaniitheWindDemon

Newest Members


captain_miwa by THE-DARK-MIA captain_miwa :iconthe-dark-mia:THE-DARK-MIA 173 102 Hishima Reference by Kenichi-Shinigami Hishima Reference :iconkenichi-shinigami:Kenichi-Shinigami 24 7 Bleach: Shinoda Matsu by I-HeLL Bleach: Shinoda Matsu :iconi-hell:I-HeLL 227 37 Rai Nanda: The Lion by oggo171 Rai Nanda: The Lion :iconoggo171:oggo171 63 22 Uro Zakuro - Zanpakutou Azashirou [8th Kenpachi] by Wish-Man Uro Zakuro - Zanpakutou Azashirou [8th Kenpachi] :iconwish-man:Wish-Man 149 21 Riina Asuka by Skeletonny Riina Asuka :iconskeletonny:Skeletonny 128 39 INFINITY [Bleach: Requiem Promises App.] by Dee-Infinity INFINITY [Bleach: Requiem Promises App.] :icondee-infinity:Dee-Infinity 48 7 Commission - Tartarus by Geofffffff Commission - Tartarus :icongeofffffff:Geofffffff 364 36 Bleach OC Ine Shizuka by sarzill Bleach OC Ine Shizuka :iconsarzill:sarzill 793 261 Commission - Tenrai Kansei by Geofffffff Commission - Tenrai Kansei :icongeofffffff:Geofffffff 305 32 Commission - Yuki Minase by Geofffffff Commission - Yuki Minase :icongeofffffff:Geofffffff 407 56 Sujihime Saoko - Commission by LordSecond Sujihime Saoko - Commission :iconlordsecond:LordSecond 20 13 Vampire of the Seireitei. by Z-Angaros Vampire of the Seireitei. :iconz-angaros:Z-Angaros 24 6 Commission - Sumiyori Hikaru no Minowara by Geofffffff Commission - Sumiyori Hikaru no Minowara :icongeofffffff:Geofffffff 248 18 Bleach: Butoukai Bob by I-HeLL Bleach: Butoukai Bob :iconi-hell:I-HeLL 37 18 [Commission] Aurora (Battlefield) by MyangHime [Commission] Aurora (Battlefield) :iconmyanghime:MyangHime 139 59

Group Info

Welcome to OC-Royalty!
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 7, 2012


Group Focus
Fan Club

169 Members
200 Watchers
38,064 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


This is the first important rule
:bulletyellow:We do not accept or tolerate any work made from screenshots, manga scans, or other artist's work without permission! This includes stamps, icons ,banners, etc.
:bulletblack:All work must be made from scratch. (screenshot backgrounds are acceptable)


Submitting art:
:bulletyellow: Submissions must be depict original characters
:bulletblack: No screenshots taken from shows or anime
:bulletyellow: Art must be original. If submitted art is a commission, then you must specify and provide a link to the original.
:bulletblack: Go to our group's gallery, find the appropriate folder your deviation(s) fits into, click the + sign on the far right of the folder's title, select your deviation(s) and click ok.
:bulletyellow:You if submitted to the incorrect folder, it will be denied. Resubmit to the appropriate folder and it will be accepted
:bulletblack: Mature content must have a filter.


Joining the group:
:bulletyellow: You can join any time.
:bulletblack: It is not allowed to be disrespectful towards other members! Especially admins, unless you wish to be discharged
:bulletyellow: It is not necessary to leave a message, but feel free if you wish to do so. You will be approved anyway


Suggesting a fave:
:bulletblack: DO NOT suggest for us to fave something from your own gallery or it WILL be denied!
:bulletyellow: Suggestions will be denied for the same reasons a gallery submission will be denied.


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Raven-A-Storm Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Hey guys, I was looking on mobile and I didn't see the join button. Is there way that I can join the group?
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! So I don't really know much about the mobile app (I stopped using it)... But I do know if you go to the actual website on mobile, at the bottom of any screen there's an option to switch to the desktop version of the site. 

But, I can also just send you an invitation to the group, so I'll do that now!
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No problem!
GL-Comics Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am doing a free commission raffle, where you could be one of 5 lucky winners to get a free commission from myself. More info about rules and such in the link.…
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oh wow you guys give folders for the very OC itself that's awesome
has to join now X3
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Who does commissions art that uses Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Cintiq 13HD on there artwork?
gathr123 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Could I get a folder for my OC Logan Greyheart?
AdachiAmeFlujo-vamp Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Idea, we should do some things like a group. Would be awesome, just saying lol XD
Merc-Wit-da-Mouth Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That would be awesome but you'd have to talk to the founder. Plus I'm not the greatest at coming up with stuff like that ^^;. However I'm up for suggestions and discussions. 
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I should bring this up to him lol XD Well, for starters, we can have a select few that are sure to read peoples character sheets and give feedback on them. That would be awesome, and a lot of writers like the feedback~
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MaraJAdams Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Student
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Should be fixed now.
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Yup. Thanks ^__^
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my contest entrée;

(uploaded two things yesterday, so...)
Jeanette-Black Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi c:
I was wondering if I can have two new folders for my Quincy OCs - one for Himiko Ogata and one for Kazutaka Ito? Or they can be both putted into one folder too =)
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